Denali Wildlife

Initially, we were surprised at the lack of "obvious" wildlife in Denali. Granted, moose were everywhere. But we didn't see the birds and other animals we are used to on the east coast. Once we started thinking about it, the reasons were obvious. The tundra is a harsh landlord. The growing season is short (only 3 months). Yet, once we started looking closely, it was amazing what we found.

This guy actually stopped our bus on the trip into the park. Our driver went in reverse for 30 or so feet before he ambled off the road.


These pictures are from a wonderful hike we took along Moose Creek.






Great Horned Owl. This family was nesting outside of Denali Cabins (outside of the park.) They get really noisy around 3 am.

Caribou. They were hard to spot, except when they perched on the few remaining snow patches.



Dall Sheep. This is the type of terrain they prefer. We were told we were lucky if we could actually see their legs (they are usually quite far away).

What a cute fox! He was hanging outside of the Eielson Visitors Center - an isolated shelter 66 miles into the park, perched high on the mountain. As he waited for food to come his way, he enjoyed spectacular views of Mt. McKinley.

I got such a kick out of the ground squirrels.


Baby Grizzly (More on the bear page)

Papa (or Mama?)

Many more pictures on the moose page



Seward Aquarium Wildlife - all are animals that live in the waters around Alaska


   Movie! Just what do Puffins do underwater? (from Seward Aquarium) (1.2MB)




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