South to Seward

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On our last day, we took a day trip from Anchorage to Seward. A 4 hour round trip stretched to 14 hours as we stopped many times along the way to participate in the gorgeous setting. Highlights of this part of the trip included

  • Picture breaks to view sheep and other wildlife

  • Damp looks at glaciers in Portage

  • A lunch stop in Whittier

  • A delightful stop in Seward (gas was $5 a gallon!) which included a gourmet dinner at a family diner and a trip to the Alaska Sealife Center. If you're looking for excitement and glitz - don't go to Seward. But if you enjoy a slower pace and incredible views, check it out.

  • A 10 pm hike to the base of the Exit Glacier.


  • The real treat came around 12:15 am as we drove around Turnaround Arm heading north toward Anchorage. It was just dusky - not quite dark - when Ron yelled, "Did you see that?????" Slamming on the brakes, he put the car in reverse and slowly backed toward a large black creature? Was it a bear - or a huge moose? Of course, it had to be on my side of the car.


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