Moose Sightings

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How many bogs have we scrambled through in search of the great, brown moose? How many mosquito bites have we endured to find this elusive beast?

The moose in Alaska were... well, everywhere!

Look for the below for movie clips.

This was our first moose. At the time, we thought we might never see another moose. I flew over 3 people to scramble out of the van to snatch this picture (just a few seconds too late to get a great picture.)

There was a baby with her - now, as moose safety experts, we know the people on the beach were far to close for safety (the recommended distance being 30 feet).


The shuttle came to a screeching halt when we spotted this girl outside the window.

I was much impressed by this mother and child. She posed nicely outside of Denali




Mommy Mouse with Mooselet (low bandwidth - 246K - faster download)

Mommy Mouse with Mooselet (same movie, better quality - 2 MB)


Later, we hiked to Horseshoe Lake.

 We were thrilled to visit with this camera shy mom and child.

But shortly after we arrived, visiting hours were just ending.





Out at Wonder Lake, I got really excited about my first solid moose sighting in the backcountry. The initial thrill over this lass wore off. She spent most of her time with her head on the bottom.


And then life changed forever....

Just outside of Kantishna, we spotted the real thing.

Needless to say, I took a lot of pictures of him .

Until he finally faded away into the shadows



Big Daddy (low bandwidth - 465K - faster download)

Big Daddy (same movie, better quality - 3.9 MB)



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