Denali Bears

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What a cute cub! This guy is about 3 years old. Our guide told us he's out on his own for the first summer. Up until now, he's traveled around the park with his mama and a sibling.






We met him on the side of the Park Road, about 40 miles into the backcountry of Denali. He walked around our bus for a while, then ambled off to forage for some good plant life.








   Movie! Bear with us! (low bandwidth - 4MB - faster download)

Bear with us! (same movie, much better quality - 34MB)


Mama (or Papa) Grizzly



I imagined grizzlies to be ferocious, man eating creatures. Actually, most of their diet consists of plants. Even so, don't minimize their potential danger. We heard many stories about them attacking moose, caribou, and even their own cubs. We were taught the "Hey bear" chant before being allowed out on the tundra. Don't startle a grizzly: at 1,100 to 1,500 pounds, one swat from their formidable claws would be the last thing you'd notice!.


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